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O'Reilly Law Associates handles legal matters related to property transactions, such as buying or selling real estate, drafting and reviewing contracts, conducting title searches, and resolving disputes. We ensure that all legal aspects of a real estate transaction are properly handled.

We commonly deal with issues such as property disputes, title issues, zoning and land use regulations, contract disputes, foreclosure proceedings, landlord-tenant disputes, and environmental concerns related to real estate transactions.

 We handle property disputes by conducting a thorough analysis of the situation, reviewing relevant documents and contracts, researching applicable laws, and representing their clients in negotiations or litigation if necessary. They aim to resolve the dispute in the best interest of their clients, whether through negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings.

 Some common types of property disputes include boundary disputes (disagreements over property lines), easement disputes (conflicts regarding the right to use someone else's property), landlord-tenant disputes (issues related to leases and rental agreements), title disputes (disputes over ownership of the property), and construction disputes (conflicts arising from construction projects on the property).

 A lis pendens action is a legal notice filed by a party to indicate that there is a pending lawsuit involving the property. It alerts potential buyers or lenders about the dispute. Quiet title disputes, on the other hand, are legal actions taken to establish clear ownership of a property when there are competing claims or uncertainties regarding the title. O'Reilly Law Associates  can assist in both types of cases to protect their clients' interests and resolve the disputes.