Since I've known Ed, I have referred friends to him for legal matters. He handled those matters professionally and very competently.
-JS, Esq

Ed O'Reilly recently helped me with some legal issues from my past. Since it had been about 7 years, the prosecutors and judge considered me in the wind, and assumed that I had basically thumbed my nose at the original sentence (DUI classes and some fines). The whole situation could have been really bad, and I was looking at receiving the maximum penalty for my cases and serving 1 1/2 years in jail. Ed is a very seasoned attorney, and although I felt nervous, I was confident with him by my side. The matter ended up being settled in my favor, and I have no doubt that without Ed, the circumstances would have been much different for me.
Ed O'Reilly has been practicing law in Long Beach for so long, he has ties in his community, and is well respected throughout the local judicial system. This was immediately apparent, and should be a huge pro to anyone considering retaining an attorney in Long Beach.


Edward O'Reilly  has helped me on several occasions and he truly fights for his clients! He is honest and will take care of your case and explain everything in detail to you. If you are looking for someone who truly cares and is honest, he is the lawyer for you! I will always go to Mr O'Reilly because he has done such an excellent job for me and my family above and beyond expectations!

L.  Ruiz: 

Mr. O'Reilly is honest and hard working. He is a family man. He has helped me with legal advice and if I ever have to go to court to defend myself, he is who I would want in my corner. There is only one business card that I carry with me at all times: Edward O'Reilly's. I've known Mr. O'Reilly for nearly 20 years. I know that if I EVER need help, he will be there for me and my family. Honesty, integrity, intelligence, perseverance, determination, compassion and understanding. Those are the words that describe Mr. O'Reilly for me. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney to represent them.
-Andrew Manning, PhD

Ed O'Reilly has provided me with professional advice that has made a world of a difference on multiple occasions. He is an honest, hard-working guy and will fight til' the bitter end to make things right.

-Lacey Babcok.

I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Mr. O'Reilly is honest, reliable, and so smart and well versed in the law. You won't regret hiring him to fight for you!

-Elizabeth AC

I have utilized Mr. O'Reilly's law office three times. I was impressed with his diligence, energy and attention to detail. If I wasn't satisfied, obviously I wouldn't repeatedly use him. Mr. O'Reilly has a reverence for the law and it shows in his tenacity. He was also more than fair in pricing. I HIGHLY recommend his firm.

                     Billy O'Connor

                      Author, Ret. NYFD


-Mr. E. Johnson

A true professional! If you are looking for an excellent attorney, look no further! Do you want to win? Retain a winner! I am disabled... I got compassion from Mr. O'Reilly. He is an honest man and he is factual.
Aileen MH

Edward O'Reilly is an excellent candidate for anyone seeking an honest and up front attorney. He is committed to his cases and makes himself available to his clients during the legal process. He is hard working and determined to settle your case quickly and to your satisfaction. He has helped me on several matters and i have been happy each time.
-Dr. Luis Carlos Rodriguez, U.S.C.

Mr. O Reilly is very knowledgeable and was a huge asset to me with my legal issues. Would highly recommend him for your legal needs
-F. Betancourt 

We are all so happy!!

J  was successful in winning full custody of her daughter's Friday. M didn't even show up. After reading the declaration, the judge immediately granted J full custody and M supervised visitation every other Saturday. Thank you so much for helping us! I really don't think that it would have been this easy if you hadn't assisted her in writing her declaration. I mean come on - that thing rocked when it  was finished.

Excellent services and great communication. Mr. O'Reilly went above and beyond to help

Jerry Stewart
February 1, 2020 

Mr. O'Reilly is intelligent, ethical, trustworthy & advocates for his clients best interests. The Los Angeles Police Emerald Society are proud to have Mr. O'Reilly as a member of our organization.
-Tom Keleher, President of the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society. 

Heythanks you for your help Ed. I really appreciate you coming through for me. You are very professional. I will recommend you and your team to any of my friends or family that are in need of legal advice or representation. Thank you again.
-Joseph M.

Very balanced, and stands out to be a strong advocate for people's rights, we are thankful that there a people like him around. Going through these posts really gives us self assurance and confidence.

Mr. O'Reilly is a special lawyer in that he is experienced, honest, professional and quite intelligent............
I recommend Edward without hesitation and feel confident that you will be pleased with his representation of your legal interests.....
Patrick Sauders, Private Investigator.

After having a nightmare experience with a landlord, I realized on top of it all she was keeping my entire security deposit illegally. Long story short, attorney Edward J. O'Reilly contacted the landlord, knowing the law, and my money was returned in just a few short days. He really is the one you want on your side fighting for your rights! He'll get the job done quickly and painlessly! Thank you again!
-M. Goodman

Ed was referred by a close friend. In the past, I've had nothing but trouble with attorneys, so I was hesitant to call. I took a shot, called him explaining my situation. He told me my options and was extremely professional and down to earth, put me at ease right away.  He got me through a really tough dire situation. He is extremely patient, down to earth, knowledgeable and experienced, and he doesn't seem to be all about money, like the other guys, he only charged me a fraction of what the others wanted.
Heythanks you for your help Ed. I really appreciate you coming through for me. You are very professional. I will recommend you and your team to any of my friends or family that are in need of legal advice or representation. Thank you again.
Darryl H.

I have known Ed for many years. He has helped me on many occasions and has been very successful on all counts. I haven't found an attorney that has his character traits of honesty, integrity and compassion for his clients and his need to service them with all his heart. attorney with a HEART. Unheard of by me until I met Ed. He has been very generous with his time for me to the point of Pro Bono which is a very distinctive part of his personality. Have never hesitated to refer him to anyone and will continue. Ed keep up the good work and GOD BLESS YOU for being who you are.
-                     William H

When it comes to the system trying to give you a raw deal, Ed is a true man for the people​.
-Vincent J.

Thanks for your services.  I am disgusted with how we are being treated and am appreciative that you are in our corner.
-D.R., Terminal VP

This place has a wonderful work atmosphere. Mr.O'Reilly has a wonderful work ethic and is superior to others in his field. I highly recommend him.

Dave C.

El señor Edward O'Reilly es una persona de confianza, respetuoso, organizado y con una gran coneccion con la corte de Long Beach; lo e conocido por unos años y no hay otro abogado que consulte si no es el. Es muy atento y conciderado, siempre busca la manera de hacer las situasiones mas sencillas y faciles de entender y manejar. Es muy positivo y tiene un gran corazon. El me a ayudado en algunos casos y por mi experiencia con el yo lo recomiendo a todos Los que tengan de una pregunta legal hasta un caso mayor. Es atrabancado y no le tiene miedo a nada! Y aparte es mas economico que cualquier otro abogado. Gracias por todo Señor O'Reilly!

Mr. O Reilly recently assisted me with a business issue and he was able to resolve this issue immediately. I would highly recommend Mr. O Reilly if you are looking for excellent legal help.
Timothy Mederios. 

Mufasa says ... One of the most honest hard-working successful Attorney's you'll have the pleasure of doing business with! I recommend this guy whole heartedly! TWO THUMBS UP .... WAY UP!!!!  : - )

Extremely professional, polite, and above all else friendly and honestly cares about his clients! Refreshing to have a lawyer who isn’t just in it for the money, he actually enjoys fighting for you! I’ve used Ed for years now from everything from forming my LLC to helping in traffic matters. No matter how small the task he always gives me 100% and is upfront, honest and always does his due diligence. Thanks for the years of work and dedication!
Jeff M

"You rock Mr. Attorney. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

If you are looking for a lawyer who truly cares about his clients Ed O'Reilly is the lawyer for you. My nephew was being bullied at his school. My nephew has special needs and is highly functioning autistic. The school refused to take care of the problem. With no other option and feeling helpless in such a tough situation, we decided to take legal action. Ed O'Reilly championed my nephew's case and made sure that he got the attention of the school board and district. Soon after there was someone who was there to watch over the bully and quickly put an end to the horrible experiences that my nephew had been enduring due to lack of action on the staff's part. We were very happy with the results and comforted to have such a caring person representing our nephew and championing his cause. We are forever grateful for his help & subsequently my nephew's grades have gone up, as he is able to just do his school work in a non-hostile environment. This lawyer will go above and beyond for his clients.

Thank you Ed O'Reilly!

7 weeks ago
Hey thanks you for your help Ed. I really appreciate you coming through for me. You are very professional. I will recommend you and your team to any of my friends or family that are in need of legal advice or representation. Thank you again.​

Ed is knowledgeable, seasoned, efficient, and has strong ties to the judicial community in Long Beach. He has helped me with a few different matters and I don't hesitate to call him for legal advice or representation. I highly recommend him! 

I have always found Ed to be an upstanding individual in every way. Ed has always comported himself in a professional manner.  Ed has a very strong sense of justice.

-Philip Z. (Retired NYPD)

We need a lot more lawyers like you, that make people happy.

Ed helped me out recently with a lawsuit I had against me. Ed was able to get me out of it using his savviness and expertise in the industry of transportation. If you want someone to help you out straight up and no run around talk to Ed, he goes to work right away and you will be glad he is on your side. Although I really don't want to ever have to call him again (as it PROBABLY will mean I'm in trouble if I do), I will definitely contact him next time I'm in a bind.
-Eric E.

I am so grateful my friend referred me to Ed! I had a problem with a previous employer and I immediately contacted Ed for help. He had great advice and helped me with my problem. Very cool and easy to work with, and the best part is I got fast results. If you need someone to help you with employer disputes, Edward is very knowledgeable and proficient in that area. Thanks Ed!

Call Today: +1 (562) 433-7363

Mr. O'Reilly is a great lawyer. He is honest and hard working. If you are looking for a lawyer with the true New York Irishman's attitude, this lawyer is for you. Ed rolls up his sleeves and digs in. He try's every approach he can to solve your problems without court. If you have to go to court, watch this guy go. It is like your own pit bull with an Irish twist. He will fight and fight hard and does not take no for an answer. This guy will get it done and it done right the first time!
-Andrew .P. USMC

Great attorney who actually cares about his clients! Goes out of his way to get to the truth, is also highly informative and reassuring. So glad I found Mr. O'Reilly

Eddie was recommended by a friend. He handled my situation professionally, and gave me sound advice.
He is a passionate guy and 
appreciate everything he did.  I would and will recommend him to anyone looking for good attorney

Matt Betz

Bravo! You do the Lord's work...


Ed is a well-rounded lawyer. He is my "go to" for any legal issues. He is excellent at case law research and does well in the courtroom, too. For anything at all, from a Living Trust to criminal cases, Ed will succeed on your behalf. He genuinely cares and is very approachable.

Edward Sylvester

Mr. O'Reilly was referred to me by a friend as I was in search of an attorney to handle some legal issues. Mr. O'Reilly and his staff made my experience less painful and handled my issues promptly and professionally. I would most definitely refer Mr. O'Reilly to anyone who is seeking an attorney. Thank you for all your help.

Ed is a true professional and knows exactly how to handle situations when they come his way. I truly appreciate all of the help you’ve given me and my fiancé. Thank you for always being there for us!

Thomas Villarreal

Being involved in situation that involved my daughters school not following the law or their word. It prompted us to find Mr. O'Reilly's law office. I was very worried about about contacting a lawyer and all the stress dealing with my daughter's principal and teachers. Mr. O'Reilly really ran with it and took care of this situation. I am very pleased and now stress free from this entire situation has been resolved all thanks to Mr. O'Reilly.

Robert Amador
March 2, 2020

Sean Patrick Stidham
 7 weeks ago
Ed has been great to me. He has counseled me through a couple of court matters as well as a couple of financial decisions over the last 12 years. I found-him to be very reputable, honest and caring.I don’t just consider Ed an attorney I consider him a friend I highly recommend Ed O’Reilly!

I'm so happy people have you in their corner.

November 14, 2017
I’ve had dealings with other attorneys and don’t find out how timid they are until you’ve hired them. Ed Is

bulldog , just unleash him and let him go. He takes a very proactive approach and gets going. Wellmoney spent.  His New York forwardness, clever tactics he gets the job done. Highly recommended.

-Milana Fasci